Escape Rooms

Heroes of the Galaxy - Your Super Hero training starts here. Puzzles are very “hands-on” and consist of keyed locks, control panels, and physical objects. This is a mostly linear escape game which is challenging for adults and also a great experience for families with children ages 7 to 12. Younger players can participate by helping in the search for hidden objects
Success rate >85%. Up to 10 people.
Escape the Empire - Embark on a mission to an abandoned Rebel Alliance base to recover a rare Kyber crystal, the crystals used to power lightsabers. Your team has 60 min to recover the Kyber crystal and activate the rescue beacon before the Imperial forces arrive. May the force be with you.
Difficult room for 2 people, but it has been done.
Success rate >70%. Up to 10 people.

Joker & Quinn's Carnival Escape - Coming 2021. Thank you for your patience. This room has been delayed due to our recent move. Check back for updates.